2014 – 2014 Season


DIE FLEDERMAUS by Strauss – June 2014

Johann Strauss’s classic operetta, Die Fledermaus is a comic story of revenge, seduction and mistaken identity, centred on a high-society party thrown by Prince Orlofsky. Man-about-town Eisenstein is to be jailed, his wife is being seduced by an old flame, his friend Dr Falke has a plan to exact revenge for a past prank, and everybody wants to go to the party!


ROSALINDA: Beth Hagerman
EISENSTEIN: Lenard Whiting
ADELE: Suzanne Rigden
FALKE: Lukus Uhlman
FRANK: Rob O’Quinn
PRINCE ORLOVSKI: Nina Scott-Stoddart
ALBERT: Marcel D’Entrement
DR BLIND: John Lindsay-Botten

MCO Chorus directed by Jane Kristenson

Music Director: Tara Scott

Lunenburg performance accompanied by the Rhapsody Quintet


Sunday, June 15, 2:30 pm
Th’YARC, Yarmouth

Tuesday, June 17, 7:30 pm
Wolfville Baptist Church, Wolfville
Tickets available online from EventBrite,  from Box of Delights or call 634-4280 to reserve

Thursday, June 19, 7:30 pm
King’s Theatre, Annapolis Royal

Tickets available from the King’s Theatre box office, by calling (902)532-7704 or book online at their website.

Saturday, June 21, 7:30 pm
Central United Church, Lunenburg

Tickets for  the Lunenburg performance will be available online at EventBrite, at Carousel Books in Bridgewater,  Shop on the Corner (formerly Fulton’s) in Lunenburg and Kinburn Pharmasave in Mahone Bay. Or you can call 634-4280 or email us to reserve.

Tickets for Lunenburg and Wolfville are $25 (Students $15, Children 16 & under $10 only available at the door)



Maritime Concert Opera invites you to join in celebrating our 10th birthday in early September. It was back in September 2003 that Nina and several of her friends treated a packed house in St. John’s Anglican Church Hall in Lunenburg to “A Night at the Opera.” That was a wonderful evening and there’ve been many more wonderful musical events in the years since then.

On Saturday, September 7th we’re having a birthday ceildih and again the gathering will be in St. John’s Anglican Church Hall, Lunenburg. Join Nina Scott-Stoddart, Meghan Jamieson, Claire Jaworski (the youngest-ever MCO soloist!!), Mary Knickle, Paula Rockwell, together with Jimmy Aulenbach and as many others of our friends as we can muster.

If you were at the first concert back in 2003,
if you’ve ever sung with MCO,
if you’ve ever heard us sing or
if you’re simply looking for an enjoyable musical evening,
please become part of the MCO family and come to our birthday party.

For catering purposes (we’re going to have seriously tasty hors d’oeuvres – and birthday cake) we need you to buy your tickets ahead of time. Before August 28th tickets are $15, after that, they’re $20. There will be a cash bar.

Tickets are available from Shop on the Corner, Lunenburg or call 634-4280 to reserve. You can also contact me at this email address to reserve tickets.

Date: Saturday, September 7th

Time: 7:00 to 9:00 p.m,.

Place: St. John’s Anglican Church Hall, Lunenburg

Tickets: $15 before August 28th; $20 after that date




In concert

music director Tara Scott
chorus conductor Jane Kristenson
ORFEO: Andrew Pickett
EURIDICE: Jennifer Farrell
AMOR: Meghan Jamieson
with the Maritime Concert Opera Chorus

Friday October 25, 7:30 PM — Lillian Piercey Hall, Halifax
Saturday October 26, 7:30 pm — Central United Church, Lunenburg

Tickets $25, $10 children 16 and under

Halifax tickets: Dalhousie Arts Centre Box Office in person, online, by phone at 1.800.874-1669 and at the door
Lunenburg tickets: Shop on the Corner, Lunenburg; Kinburn Pharmasave, Mahone Bay; Strings’n’Things, Bridgewater


ACT I. The poet and singer Orfeo grieves before the tomb of his young wife, Euridice, as a group of shepherds and shepherdesses place tributes on her grave (“Chiamo il mio ben così”). Orfeo is touched by their laments, but his sorrow is acute and he asks to be left alone. He calls on the spirit of his beloved wife to hear his despair; then, cursing the gods for having taken Euridice from him, he resolves to descend to Hades and brave the Furies to find her. As he speaks, Amor, the god of love, appears and announces that the other gods, moved by Orfeo’s despair, will allow him to reclaim his wife from the underworld (“Gli sguardi trattieni”). There is one condition, however: He must not look at her until they have returned to the upper world. Alone once more, Orfeo can scarcely believe what has happened, but, conquering his fears, he sets out for the infernal regions, using his lyre as a shield.

ACT II. At the entrance to the underworld, the Furies who stand guard demand to know the identity of the bold intruder. Orfeo plays his lyre and begs them to take pity on his tears. At first they refuse and try to frighten him away. But the Furies at last respond to his eloquent song; when Orfeo repeats his request, they recede, allowing him to approach the gates of hell.

In the Elysian Fields, a group of blessed spirits dances serenely. They depart, and Orfeo enters searching for his wife. Though he pauses to delight in the scene, he says that only the sight of Euridice can ease his grief (“Che puro ciel”). The Shades, hearing his plea, lead in the veiled Euridice. Orfeo joyfully grasps her hand and, taking care not to look at her, begins the journey back to the upper world. As they leave, the blessed spirits wish them well (“Torna o bella”).

ACT III. Orfeo urges his wife to hurry as he leads her toward the upper world. He has obeyed the gods’ injunction that he must not look at her throughout their journey. Euridice, stopping for a moment to celebrate her reunion with her husband, soon becomes anxious. Why will Orfeo not look at her? Has death faded her beauty? With difficulty Orfeo keeps his face turned away and exhorts his wife to have faith and continue their ascent. Euridice laments that she has been liberated from death only to face the colder fate of unrequited love (“Che fiero momento”). Unable to resist her anguished pleas, Orfeo defies the gods’ command and turns to embrace his wife, who at once breathes a farewell and dies. Overcome with grief and remorse, the poet cries that life has no meaning for him without Euridice (“Che farò senza Euridice?”). Preparing to take his own life, he resolves to join his wife in death. Before he can do so Amor appears and announces that Orfeo has passed the tests of faith and constancy and restores Euridice to life. The happy couple returns to the upper world, where they are greeted by friends, who perform dances of celebration. Orfeo, Amor and Euridice praise the power of love.



St John’s Anglican Church Hall, Lunenburg
7 to 9:30 pm

Tickets $25 ($30 at the door) available from Shop on the Corner, Lunenburg; Kinburn Pharmasave, Mahone Bay; Strings n’Things, Bridgewater; online at maritimeconcertopera.com or reserve before March 20 by calling 634-4280

You can also buy tickets online through Eventbrite