Natalie Donnelly as Madama Butterfly

Natalie Donnelly as Madama Butterfly

We had a wonderful time last night with the first performance of Madama Butterfly at the King’s Theatre in Annapolis Royal last night.

A lovely member of the audience wrote in today to say this:

We attended Madma Butterfly last night at Kings Theatre, and were mesmerized

A lady playing a grand piano, and 9 people in costume transported us a world away, carrying us through joy, love, pain, anger, shame, despair, and in the end great sorrow.  Butterfly had the voice of a nightingale.

This is exactly what we hope to do — give people a true experience of an opera without the sets and staging, and a message like this means so much to all of us!

Tonight is the chorus dress rehearsal, and tomorrow night is our performance in Yarmouth at Th’YARC!

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